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Professional Design Process

Full service design from A to Z



Working with an experienced interior designer is like having a professional guide through the entire process of creating a home, remodeling, or redesigning a room. Ann knows where to start in the design, where to go to consider all the options, and who to employ to complete all the design, such as, painting, faux painting, window treatments made, reupholstering, tiling work, curtains hung and other services. This alleviates your stress and allows you to enjoy, and even have fun, in creating your space. As your designer, Ann is your single contact point. This relieves you from having to deal with multiple contractors, vendors and retailers. You save time, money and frustration. Because of Ann's 25 plus years as an interior decorator, she has relationships and accounts with every major line. These options can provide a custom and unique look, with better pricing than in a retail store. The result will be a space you are proud of and will enjoy for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A common perception, often deserved, is that each designer has a unique style they often gravitate to or that shows up in each design. A unique quality about Ann is that she is a designer of many styles. It would be impossible to walk into a room or home and immediately discern, "Oh this is a Saltzgiver room". Ann's joy is to design your home, office or room, according to your style and make it wonderful.


This all depends on the individual project. A larger project in scope may involve a design fee; or, a smaller project might just be an hourly consultation fee. If the client buys materials and services through Saltzgiver Designs, the hourly fee is waived. Be assured Ann will be very clear with you on all costs and on how she has paid on each project.

Let Ann bring your design ideas to life today!